Disaster Relief

From recent hurricanes in the U.S. and Caribbean, to earthquakes in Mexico, to wildfires in California, to refugee crises in Syria, Myanmar and several other nations – Lutheran service and relief organizations are at work.

Check out ways to give through ELCA’s Lutheran Disaster ResponseUpbring, or Lutheran World Relief.

Benevolence News

St. Martin’s Endowment Fund has provided earnings of $15,765 to be used to help others in need beyond our church.  In October, your Church Council voted to direct those funds be given the Lutheran Disaster Response (ELCA) to assist with hurricane relief efforts as best needed.  Further, we have applied to have this substantial gift matched by Thrivent Financial as part of their “Live Generously” effort.  (www.livegenerously.com)
Thanks to the stewardship of the Endowment Fund, its board, its donors, and Thrivent, here is another example demonstrating that St. Martin’s has been Blessed to be a Blessing.

If you would like to make additional contributions to disaster relief, Thrivent is still matching funds.  Go to https://www.livegenerously.com/inspiring-stories/disaster-relief/2017-hurricane-relief.html to follow the progress of this effort, or to make a contribution.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: 

“Please stand by our neighbors as we begin the long road to recovering from Hurricane Harvey, one of the most catastrophic storms to hit the country in more than a decade.

Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliate is actively present, collaborating with community leaders and officials to initiate the proper responses, particularly the long-term recovery efforts. Together, we have a strong history of working with disasters in the Gulf Coast area. Recovery efforts are expected to take years, and Lutheran Disaster Response will be there to accompany those affected through every phase of this disaster.

We invite you to stand by our neighbors on the Gulf Coast during this time. Your gifts ensure that our church will be able to provide help and hope for those left homeless or otherwise affected by this disaster for years to come.

Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response, designated for “Hurricane Response – United States” will be used entirely (100 percent) for this disaster until the response is complete. Together, we can help provide immediate and long-lasting support. Give today to support the needs in this response and others like it.”