Adult Education
Adult Education
Growing in Faith, Living in Grace

Sunday Offerings, 10 am


Luther’s Small catechism
September 10 – october 15

Studying the Small Catechism together will give us a common language with which to talk about faith, engage scripture, and make sense of our lives in the 21st century.” – Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bisop of the ELCA

This October we will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Luther Reformation. While we often focus on the 95 theses that Luther nailed on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, we often neglect some of the other great contributions Luther made to Christendom. One of those contributions was the Small Catechism. For those who grew up Lutheran, you remember it from Confirmation class – you maybe even had to memorize parts of it. Beginning on September 10th, we will offer a new look at the Catechism for adults. We will focus on three areas: 1) Scripture and tradition, 2) Luther’s explanations, and 3) what that has to do with today. The class will be taught by Pastors Pete and Suellen.

“Come as you are”
room 230

A gathering for adults who are looking for a casual environment to build community and have fun connecting with others. Come as you are from wherever you are, join us on Facebook, and be a part of the learning & fellowship.

Wednesdays at 1 pm

Pastor Pete’s Book Class
room 230

Pastor Pete’s book class has just finished reading and discussing Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Charles Marsh and will not meet next Wednesday, August 30th. Class will resume with a viewing of the film Bonhoeffer Agent of Grace on September 6th and 13th, before moving on to a study of Martin Luther for this momentous anniversary year.

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